Deep Sky Observations

It’s a mystery to me – a game of senses
a faint galaxy – I’m taking chances.
The faintness hurts the eye
Well, I’m doing deep sky

I go checking out the starcharts – I’m digging in the POSS
searching for starclouds – and Einstein’s Cross
Finding the answer on wrong NGC’s
and knowledge about planetaries

What have you got – at the break of day ?
What have you got – you can take away?
A couple of drawings – a paper-sheet
tired eyes – pain in your feet ?

A starlightjunkie, no compensation
deepsky – observation …..


I love the song “Private Investigations” of Dire Straits. You can play it with a band or solo, both sound great. For a guitarist, it is definitely great fun to play it. I discovered, that this song is very well suited for astronomical lyrics.

Observing the Deep Sky is one of the most rewarding things, in my humble opinion. In 15 years of doing it I have only had two nights or so which didn’t work well. Sometimes it is not easy, because it can become extremely cold. But as a deep sky junkie one keeps on doing it because one know the answer to the question “what have you got at the break of day?”

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