Mark Knopfler: Get Lucky I

So, here it is: a new album by Mark Knopfler. Actually, it’s not out yet, we’ll have to wait until September 14th – but this ain’t long. You can listen to the title song of the album Get Lucky on the record companies website.

What can be said? Knopfler solo is not Dire Straits (my impression: the keyboarder Alan Clark and bass-player John Illsley are extremely important). Therefore, it is no wonder that Knopflers extraordinary guitar skills are not present in the title song. Nevertheless, it is a charming song and to me a “mind-drifter”. I can easily imagine using this music as a soundtrack during observing sessions. I enjoy the scottish flavor of the song. Let’s wait and see what the entire album will bring. I expect a sloowww album (is Knopfler scottish or swiss?) but with interesting stuff on it. Kill to get Crimson was like that. It had great soundspheres, good guitar work and nice dynamics. So why sould it be any different here? Knopfler will turn 60 next wednesday – I will turn 37 on the very same day 🙂

Btw.: for those interested in Dire Straits: more or less official rumors say that there is a 5.1 DVD of Alchemy in the pipeline. Now, that will be something!

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4 Antworten zu Mark Knopfler: Get Lucky I

  1. LB sagt:

    Cool! I wish he was out on tour this summer!

  2. Frank sagt:

    Hi LB! He’ll be on tour next spring/summer. Maybe we will see a few TV appearances before Christmas, though.

  3. Frank sagt:

    Here we go with another song from the new album: Border Reiver. I heard it on radio yesterday and found it on NDR and finally on youtube … that song seems to be in line with the soundtracks “Local Hero” and “A Shot at Glory”.

  4. Frank sagt:

    While I’m youtubing … check this perfomance of Knopfler and Atkins. Isn’t it great?

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