LC: The Leiter Catalogue

What is it?

I'm a Starhopper.
That means: I don't use setting circles or any kind of Sky-Computer. Although I see some points in having such a devise attached to my instrument, it's not my thing presently.
While Starhopping I sometimes stumble upon some nice groups of stars which sometimes look familiar. It can be a thing one uses every day, it can be something from history, whatever.
Instead of watching them once and go on hopping, I started listing these asterisms in the "Leiter-Catalogue". Up to know I have no better name :-)

The Entries

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Number Name
Le 1 "The Edge"
Position:RA 06h 36m 54s Dec +24d 11m 23s
Size: 5'
Le 2 "The Egg"
Position:RA 21h 07m 47s Dec +47d 14m 28s
Size: 20'
Le 3 "The Gallows"
Position:RA 04h 28m 50s Dec +83d 56m 38s
Size: 15'
Le 4 "The Hook"
Position:RA 20h 01m 08s Dec +20d 02m 23s
Size: 7'
Le 5 "The Sword"
Position:RA 19h 33m 30s Dec +11d 41m 22s
Size: 9'
Le 6 "The Herkules Box"
Position:RA 16h 46m 33s Dec +47d 59m 15s
Size: 2'
Le 7 "The Cygnus Box"
Position:RA 22h 01m 43s Dec +52d 58m 02s
Size: 2'
Le 8 "Little W"
Position:RA 00h 55m 20s Dec +57d 16m 53s
Size: 32'
Le 9 "Little Orion"
Position:RA 20h 55m 50s Dec +43d 35m 05s
Size: 30'
Le 10 "The Ship"
Position:RA 21h 43m 04s Dec +10d 26m 40s
Size: 14'
Le 11 "Lassoloop"
Position:RA 06h 43m 41s Dec +25d 20m 00s
Size: 23'
Le 12 "Half a heart"
Position:RA 18h 52m 31s Dec +33d 48m 37s
Size: 1.5'
Le 13 "Little Hercules"
Position:RA 23h 27m 20s Dec +58d 07m 40s
Size: 1.5'
Le 14 "Lying Shield"
Position:RA 23h 40m 02s Dec +26d 37m 45s
Size: 1.5'
Le 15 "The Kite"
Position:RA 18h 51m 47s Dec -05d 43m 43s
Size: 2.5'
Le 16 "The Ear"
Position:RA 07h 27m 50s Dec +21d 40m 00s
Size: 32'


This is a Zip-file which you can unzip into your Guide-directory. It is a user-dataset, so you can toggle it via the "Extras -> Toggle user-dataset" menu.
You can reach the entries of the catalogue via "Go To -> Go to .TDF object" menu. Select the Leiter-Catalogue and type the objects number for example. Guide will center on this object. Click with right mouse button to see some notes.


Please let me know what you think about this catalogue!
If you got an object which you think belongs into this catalogue or if you have comments, observing notes,complaints, whatever :-), just write me an email.