Leiter 2: The Egg

Object data:

Position: RA 21h 07m 47s Dec +47d 14m 28s
Size: 20'
Brightest star: PPM 60991, 7.25mag


On the screen this isn't as obvious as it is in reality. Have a look at it and enjoy the hole in the milkyway. The shape is that of an egg and it is surrounded by moderatly bright stars.
This one was contributed by Klaus Spruck.
Referring to Sky&Telescope May 1998, this asterism is also known as the "Horseshoe".
detailed view of Le2

How to find it

Here are two finder-charts for the object (click to enlarge). The object is located 1.8 degree WSW of Epsilon Geminorum. It's easier to jump 1.3 degree to the triangle in WSW direction of Epsilon. From there move one moon-diameter SSW and there you are.


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