Leiter 10: The Ship

Object data:

Position: RA 21h 43m 04s Dec +10d 26m 40s
Size: 14'
Brightest star: GSC 1125 0201, 9.4 mag


This asterism looks pretty much like a ship which one can build from a sheet of paper. Five stars of 10th magnitude form a "V". A pair of stars and a single star build a line crossing the "V" in the middle of it. A single star close to the "top" star makes a nice "flag". One could also think of it as "The Little Teapot", btw.
This asterism is also known as Picot 1.
detailed view of Le10

How to find it

Here are two finder-charts for the object (click to enlarge). The left shows the head of famous galactic, winged horse "Pegasus". The end of the head is marked by the star Epsilon Pegasi. Move 40 arcminutes to the NNW.


There is famous M15 close to it, also Planetary Nebula NGC 7094.