Leiter 13: "Little Hercules"

Object data:

Position: 23h 27m 20s Dec +58d 07m 40s
Size: 30'
Brightest star: TYC 4007 235, 10.1 mag


While searching for the planetary nebula Hb 12 I came across this collection of stars. It looked like Hercules, just a little bit smaller; I looked up from the telescope and compared it to the real Hercules, which was visible on the western part of the Sky. North is to the right in the following chart:

How to find it

The object lies 5 degree east of beta Cassiopeia. Here is a finder-chart for the object (click to enlarge).


The Planetary nebula HB 12 (PK 111.8-02.8) is very close to the asterism. It remains stellar even at 600x magnification and responds very well to [OIII] filter.