Leiter 7: The Cygnus Box

Object data:

Position: RA 22h 01m 43s Dec +52d 58m 02s
Size: 2'
Brightest star: GSC 3969 2064, 9.5 mag


This is another boxshaped asterism. Compare it to Le6 and you'll find astounding similarities. Both are 2 acrminutes in size and the axis are in both cases the same.
detailed view of Le7

How to find it

Here are two finder-charts for the object (click to enlarge). The object is located on the border of Lacerta and Cygnus. Though it is still inside Cygnus, it is easier to move to it from Lacerta. Start at beta Lacertae and head 3,3 degree to the west. There you can find SAO 33985 at 5.8 mag - it can be visible to the naked eye, a finderscope should do the trick. The box is directly north of that star.