Leiter 12: "Half a heart"

Object data:

Position: 18h 52m 31s Dec +33d 48m 37s
Size: 1'
Brightest star: GSC 2646 2160, 13.3 mag


This group of stars looks exactly like one half of a heart. It is rather faint - the stars are of magnitudes 12 and fainter. Watch out for the edge-on galaxy UGC 11372 which is next to it.
detailed view of Le12

How to find it

Here are two finder-charts for the object (click to enlarge). The object is located 40 arcminutes NE of Beta Lyrae.


There is an edge-on galaxy (UGC 11372) close to it. It is very sharp and very faint. Very good transparency of the atmosphere and more than 15" are necessary to detect it. Might be interesting for CCD, though.