Leiter 8: Little W

Object data:

Position: RA 00h 55m 20s Dec +57d 16m 53s
Size: 32'
Brightest star: GSC 3663 2449, 7.2 mag


This asterism contains only 5 stars in an area of 30' x 15'. It was included into this catalogue, because it looks very much like the constellation in which it is located: Cassiopeia. As Cassiopeia is also famous as "The skies W", the 5 stars were named "Little W". detailed view of Le8

How to find it

Here are two finder-charts for the object (click to enlarge). It is easy to find being just 1 degree SW of Eta Cassiopeiae. You need a large field of view as it is larger than the full moon!


Open cluster King 2 which requires very good atmospheric transparency. A faint glowing patch amongst stars - be careful and expect a very faint cluster appearing pretty much like a UGC-galaxy. Also check out: Abell 2 and NGC 281.