What is the "Project Lyra" ?

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Let me first ask you a simple question:
"How many galaxies do you know in a circle around Vega with a radius of 1 degree?"

Now keep that question in mind ....
The idea behind the project is a visual deep sky survey in the little constellation Lyra. Other's have already done similar things (guess Brian Skiff was the first, who did this in public) in the same area of the sky. So why bother to do another one ?
During the early months of 1999 I experienced, that the limits of a 16" Newtonian are way beyond the NGC. Given the fact, that the reports which I know contain only NGC objects or "anonymous" ones close to them, I decided to do a thing comparable to an "Deep Sky Survey".
Another reason was a project of a friend of mine, Jens Bohle, who was looking for planetary nebulae in Lyra. So I combined these projects and suddenly had a great idea of how to spend warm summer nights together with a telescope :-)
Now that you know a little bit of my motivation, I'd like to give an answer to that question above: currently I've seen seven, more are to follow (?).
And, to give the answer to the question which I can see on your face: yes, I've seen that famous IC 1296 close to M 57. But believe me, this one is one of the toughest in Lyra ....


-- April 2002>
Another season's data had to be added. Wow, now I observed 123 galaxies, two of them being quite unknown 2MASXi-objects. You don't like such names ? Me, too. I call both "Lyra I" and "Lyra II".

-- January 2001:
Another season passed by and now I have more than 100 galaxies in my list. So, it was high time for an update of these pages, and here it is :-)

-- April 2000:
I'm installing a website for this project. Plans are ongoing and I've already printed charts for a set of another 30 galaxies. I hope the weather permits observing this summer, I definitly want to go beyond 100 !

-- September 1999:
Strike ! Now I've got it. I already caught 50 galaxies but this famous one was missing. Here we go with IC 1296. Hm, was it by help of the great girl next to me ? Who knows :-))

-- August 1999:
I've slowed down, mostly due to some critical oral tests at university at the beginning of the month. Later I'm back to the project, though I enjoy some nice views along the milkyway.

-- July 1999:
Though the nights are quite short at this northern lattitude, the project is going very well. Better than expected! I notice, that galaxies, especially PGC's, are comparably small. Heck, I observe galaxies at a power of 400 !

-- June 1999:
The first observation of a galaxy in Lyra - for this year. I've already observed quite some in former years.

-- April 1999:
Im hunting galaxies in Leo. Whaw, these small PGC's patches are easy !

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